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We are a team of Accounting Professionals in India seeking to provide services to businesses entities situated in the United States of America, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Australia. Allow us to serve you and enjoy the benefits.

About Us

M K Bhatt and Associates is a Chartered Accountancy proprietory firm established in India since 27th day of January, 2015. Proprietor Manan K Bhatt is an Associates member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (eligible for fellow membership) and a Bachelor in Commerce from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.

Services We Offer

Back Office

We look forward to providing support to Accounting/CPA/CA firms situated in the United States of America, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Australia. We can provide bookkeeping service, accounts receivable management service and accounts payable management service. Along with this, and with the passage of time, we also look forward to providing direct tax return filing services and indirect tax return filing services. We believe in the One-stop shop concept, so in the long run you can avail many different types of services.


A never ending process that requires accurate recording of transactions in the books of accounts. Proper bookkeeping ensures that the financial statements present the exact image of the business performance. We can record the daily transactions like, sales, purchase, receipts, payments, expenses, income, assets, journal entries and other ancillary transactions as and when they occur. The transactions are recorded based on documents, and information provided to us. We can also pass month end closing entries and also reconcile the debtors and creditors.

accounts receivable management

Ir-respective of the size of business, regular cash inflows ensure smooth functioning of the business. It is one's desire to prosper in life. We help to achieve it. By providing the necessary reports required for debt collection we can secure that all the debtors are paying us well within the time limit.

Accounts Payable Management

To ensure continuous inward supply of goods and services for the business, it is important that the creditors are kept happy. A cut in the routine supplies unnecessarily halts the operations. Which inturn curbs from meeting the deadlines. Hence, by furnishing the necessary reports required for payment to creditors, we can ensure that all the creditors are paid right within the credit period.

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Why Select Us

  • Gain Access to composite talent: The CA profession is recognised to be one of the toughest professions in the world. It is our pride that we have a team of such CA professionals who are willing to serve you. With the right resources provided to us, we can provide you customised services apart from our regular services.
  • Long Term Assistance: We can work for you for a period more than 2 decades except incase of any contingency.
  • High quality delivery standards: We strictly intend to abide by the Service Level Agreement and/or Operational Level Agreement executed between us.
  • Increased Cost efficiency: You can get good quality services at affordable rates.
  • Data Privacy: We are a team of honest people with high moral values. You can be rest assured as far as the data privacy is concerned.

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